Jin Di Zheng
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Jin Di Zheng 





          Assistant professor, 2018. 03 --


Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, Social Identity, Applied microeconomics


Ph.D. in Economics(2013. 09 – 2018. 02)University of Amsterdam

M.Phil. in Economics(2011. 09 – 2013. 11)Tinbergen Institute

B.Sc. in Economics(2007. 09 – 2011. 07) Renmin University of China 


2015. 10 – 2016. 02,UCSD,Rady School of Management. (HostProf. Uri Gneezy)


“High Social Status Induces Prosocial Behaviour” (Job Market Paper), Jin Di Zheng. Working paper

Do Workers Work More if Their Wage Compares Well to That of Their Peers in the Economy? A Survey-Experiment”, joint with Robert Dur and Kea Tijdens. Working paper

Friend or Foe? Social Distance in Bribery”, joint with Arthur Schram and Gonul Dogan. Working paper

“Homo Reciprocans Revisited”, Jin Di Zheng. Under review


2018 --

March Wuhan University Cherry Blossom Experimental Economics Conference

2017 --

November Nanjing International Game Theory and Microeconomics Workshop

October Renmin University, Beijing Normal Univeristy, Beijing Jiaotong University invited talks

September Luxembourg Institute for Social and Economic Research

July Tsinghua Conference on Behavioral, Experimental and Theoretical Economics.

February NYU CESS Experimental Political Conference, New York University.

2016 --

December 6th WISE Experimental Economics Conference, Xiamen University.

September Shanghai Jiao Tong University Experimental Economics Workshop. CREED internal seminar. Tinbergen Institute Ph.D. seminar.

June CCC meeting, University of Amsterdam.

January CREED internal seminar.

2015 –

October ESA North America Meeting, Dallas.

June CCC meeting, University of East Anglia.

April IMEBESS conference, Toulouse School of Economics.

March Spring School at Rady School of Management, UCSD. Morality conference, UCSD. Tinbergen Institute Ph.D. seminar.

2014 –

September CREED internal seminar.

June CCC meeting, University of Nottingham.

2013 –

February Brown Bag seminar, Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Intermediate Microeconomics, bachelor level, University of Amsterdam.

Econometrics, Ph.D. level, Tinbergen Institute.

Current Research in Economics, bachelor level, Tinbergen Institute.