Sun Jianfei
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Sun, Jianfei


Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)

Nanjing Audit University (NAU),

Basic Background

2006年获得美国南加州大学马歇尔商学院金融学博士(PhD in Finance from University of Southern California),回国前曾在美国内华达大学里诺分校商学院任教。20109月至20172月在上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院任教,担任硕士生导师、DBA博士生导师,并入选了国家财政部组织的2013 年第五批全国学术类会计领军(后备)人才项目。20172月起被南京审计大学聘任为教授。学术研究方向主要涉及公司财务与公司治理,公司盈余管理,企业合并与收购,证券投资分析,以及宏观环境经济学,在Journal of Economic Dynamics and ControlJournal of Business EthicsJournal of Accounting and Public PolicyWorld Economy以及China Economic Review等各自领域的国际知名学术期刊均有论文发表。此外,还曾受邀在清华大学、英国剑桥大学等国内外著名学府进行学术报告。


Professional Experiences

02/2017 – present  Institute for Social and Economic Research, Nanjing Audit University

09/2010 – 02/2017  Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

09/2006 – 07/2010  College of Business, University of Nevada, Reno


Research Interests

Corporate finance and corporate governance, earnings management, mergers and acquisitions, debtholders protection, investment, macroeconomic enviromental economics


1.  Product Market Competition and Earnings Management: A Firm-Level Analysis, 2017, with G. Shi et al., Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, forthcoming.

2.  Corporate Social Responsibility and Geographic Dispersion, 2017, with G. Shi et al., Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 36(6), page 417-428.

3.  Emission Taxes and Standards in a General Equilibrium with Entry and Exit, 2015, with Z. Li, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 61, page 34-60.

4.  Geographic Dispersion and Earnings Management, 2015, with G. Shi et al., Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 34(5), page 490-508.

5.  Corporate Bond Covenants and Social Responsibility Investment, 2015, with G. Shi, Journal of Business Ethics 131(2), page 285-303. (FT45)

6.  Corporate Voluntary Carbon Information Disclosure: Evidence from China's Listed Companies, 2014, with J. Peng et al., World Economy 38(1), page 91-109.

7.  Managerial Hubris, Firm Expansion and Firm Performance, 2011, with F. Jiang, et al., The Social Science Journal 48(3), page 489-499.

8.  Policy Burdens, Firm Performance, and Management Turnover, 2009, with G. Liao, et al., China Economic Review 20(1), page 15-28.

9.  公司异质性、在职消费与机构投资者治理,财经研究2012 (6): 27-37



Working Papers

1.  Does Corporate Reputation Protect Shareholders From Experiencing Big Losses When An Environmental Scandal Occurs? with X. Xu and S. Zeng, r&r, Journal of Business Ethics.

2.  Is the Audit World Flat? Corporate Geographic Dispersion and Audit Fees, with G. Shi et al., under review.

3.  Financial Conditions and Slow Recoveries, with J. Chen et al., under review.

4.  Corporate Site Visits, Information Asymmetry, and Disclosure Regulation, with Y. Jin et al., under review.

5.  Can Religion Reduce Management Earnings Forecast Errors, with S. Hao et al., working paper.

6.  Lending Competition and Endogenous Credit Supply, with K. Huang et al., working paper.


Research Fund

1.上海浦江人才计划,“银行竞争,证券化和金融风险”,2012-2016,项目编号12PJC 062



Undergraduate: Corporate Finance, Financial and Managerial Accounting,

        Financial Statement Analysis

MBA: Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance

Refereed Journals

American  Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Journal of Environmental Economics  and Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Applied Economics, China Economic Review, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Social Science Journal, Environment and Development Economics, China Finance Review International 

Recent Conferences and Seminar (presented by myself or co-author)

1.“Geographic dispersion and earnings management”, with G. Shi et al.

·YunanUniversity of Finance and Economics, Kunming, June, 2015

·SouthwestUniversity of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, June, 2015

·Shanghai JiaoTongUniversity, June, 2014


   2.“Lending competition and endogenous credit supply”, with K. Huang et al.

·Search and Match Workshop, BeijingU., Beijing, May, 2014

·The annual meeting of Royal Economic Society, London, March, 2012

·The 11th Chinese Economics Annual Conference, Shanghai, Dec., 2011

·Xiamen University, Xiamen, Nov., 2011

·South WesternUniversity of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, Oct, 2011

·Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics for Young Economists, Beijing, Aug., 2011

·16th World Congress of the International Economic Association, Beijing, July, 2011

·2nd Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop (SMW), Shanghai, June, 2011

·Chinese Economists Society (CES) Annual meeting, Beijing, June, 2011

·Fudan University, June, 2011

·North American Summer Meeting of Econometric Society (NASM), St. Louis, US, June 2011

·Midwest Macro Meeting (MMM), Nashville, US, May, 2011

·Shanghai JiaoTongUniversity, June, 2011

·Midwest Macro Meeting (MMM), Nashville, U.S., May, 2011


3.“Emission taxes and standards in a general equilibrium with entry and exit”, with Z.Li.

·China Meeting of The Econometric Society, Beijing, June, 2013

·The annual meeting of Royal Economic Society, London, 2012

·Hong Kong Economic Association biennial conference, Tianjin, Dec. 2010.

·The CES Annual Conference, Chengdu, June, 2013

·The 10th Chinese Economic annual meeting, Zhengzhou, Nov. 2010.


4.“Financial conditions and slow recoveries”, with J. Chen et al.

·China Meeting of The Econometric Society, Beijing, June, 2013

·Workshop of the Australasian Economics Society, Melbourne, July, 2014

·Economic Dynamics Workshop, FudanUniversity, Shanghai, June, 2014

·TsinghuaUniversity Workshop in Macroeconomics, Beijing, May, 2014.

·Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Nov., 2013

·Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop, Shanghai, June, 2013.

·China Meeting of the Econometric Society, Beijing, June, 2013.  

·The annual meeting of Royal Economic Society, London, March, 2012

·The Hong Kong Economic Association biennial conference, Tianjin, Dec. 2010.

·The 10th Chinese Economic Association annual meeting, Zhengzhou, Nov. 2010.