Wang Tao
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Tao Wang


Personal Homepage:

Academic Position
Assistant professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research, NAU

Education Background
Ph.D. in Economics, SUNY Stony Brook, 2011.08--2017.07

Research Fields
Industrial Organization, Information Economics, Microeconomic Theory 

Working Papers

“Competitive Intelligence and Disclosure of Cost Information in Duopoly”, under review 

"Information Acquisition, Signalling and Learning in Duopoly”, joint with Thomas D. Jeitschko and Ting Liu, R&R International Journal of Industrial Organization

“Advertising Using Third Party Certification”

Work in Progress

◦ “Vertical Structure and the Incentives of Downstream Innovation”

◦ “Paten Licensing in the Presence of Potential Competing Innovator” joint with Yair Tauman & Chang Zhao

Teaching Experience

◦ Instructor at SUNY Stony Brook

– ECO 303 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Summer 2016

– ECO 355 (AMS 335) Game Theory, Summer 2015

◦ Teaching Assistant at SUNY Stony Brook 

– ECO 590 Mathematical Foundations of Contemporary Economic Theory (graduate) , Fall 2013

– ECO 501 Advanced Microeconomics II (graduate) , Spring 2014

– ECO 500 Advanced Microeconomics I (graduate) , Fall 2014

– ECO 108 Introduction to Economics (undergraduate) , Spring

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

◦ 2017 Nanjing International Conference on Game Theory & 4th Microeconomics Workshop

◦ Department Seminar, Ariel University, Israel, December 2016

◦ Bar-Ilan Game Theory Seminar, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, December 2016

◦ The 27th Stony Brook International Conference on Game Theory, Stony Brook, July 2016

◦ The 26th Stony Brook International Conference on Game Theory, Stony Brook, July 2015

◦ 13th International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, April 2015

◦ International Workshop on Game Theory and Economic Applications — IWGTS (celebrating
the 70th 
birthday of Marilda Sotomayor), Sao Paulo, July 2014