Wang Hong
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Wang Hong

Associate Professor of Economics

Institute for Social and Economic Research, Nanjing Audit University

86 West Yushan Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

211815, China



Research Statement


Professor Hong Wang’s research is in the area of auction and incentive theory, as well as asset

securitization, contracting, as well as market structure and regulation. Recent work has examined auction mechanisms, the optimal design of securities, and the influences of information asymmetries on corporate funding and investment.


Teaching Experience

Financial Economics, under-graduate level, Southeast University, 2010-2016

Financial Statistical Analysis, under-graduate level, Southeast University, 2010-2014

Private Equity, graduate level, Southeast University, 2012-2016




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Working Papers


[1]      Hong Wang, “Optimal Security Design in Securitization with Endogenous Information Acquisition”, Working paper, 2016.

[2]      Hong Wang, “Optimal Design for Asset-backed Securities in Common Value Auctions”, Working paper, 2016.

[3]      Hong Wang, “Analysis of Limited Corruption in MultidimensionalProcurement Auctions”, Working paper, 2014.